When is the best time to travel to Greece


Greece is the ideal Mediterranean getaway. It can be beautiful any day of year. This historical, picturesque Mediterranean paradise offers so many things to do, from Santorini to Thessaloniki, Mykonos, Athens, and beyond.

April through June

If I had to pick one best time to visit Greece, it would be mid-April to mid June. Spring is a great time to visit Greece because you have perfect weather and can enjoy peace and quiet before the tourists arrive. Although it may still be cold, many areas such as Crete, Crete, Cyclades and the Ionian Islands are warm enough to swim in.

Are you ready for a spring getaway?

Be on the lookout for Easter week! It is a very busy time in Greece. Many hotels are full with Greeks travelling around the country. Also, many tourist attractions are closed. This makes it difficult to visit the main tourist attractions.

September to July

It’s not necessary to tell you, summer in Greece is incredible. It’s amazing with temperatures regularly exceeding 90 degrees and continuous sunshine.

This is the perfect time to relax on the beach and forget the world.

Mykonos is also a top spot in Greece for its lush beaches and crazy nightlife. You can lie under the scorching Greek sun all day, and then party until your heart is content. Are you looking for something less formal? You should check out Heraklion, which offers a wide range of restaurants, cafes, beaches, and family-friendly places.

From October through December

Although we often think of Greece only as a place with endless blue oceans and white beaches, there are other beautiful colors further inland. You are ready to discover the other side.

Fall can be as beautiful as summer, but in a completely different way.

You can visit in September, when grapes are being picked and the world-class vineyards in full swing. You can also wait until September to get homemade raki at street stands in Crete.

Let me tell you fellow foodies that there is no better place or time to eat than October/November in Greece, when the local olives and other Mediterranean delights are fresh.

From January through March

Winter in Greece is a great time to visit the country as the locals see it. Enjoy the Athens cafe culture while sipping a cup of freshly brewed coffee. Check out the nightlife in the area after the sun goes down.

Are you into history?

The Acropolis is now completely tourist-free. You can also visit the world-famous, uncrowded museums such as the National Archaeological Museum or the Benaki Museum. You can see more of the city with the reduced prices and no lines.

Athens is beautiful in winter but the islands are quite different. If you’re looking for a deserted island, there aren’t many ferries that run and not much to do.

No matter what time of the year you choose to visit, one thing is certain: you will fall for someone. You will fall in love with the people, the food, or the breathtaking scenery (or maybe even a modern-day Greek god).

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