Walking Tours of Italy: Discover Pompeii and the Amalfi Coast


It was early in the morning when I woke up to the bustle and bustle of Rome. This was my second trip to Rome, and it was just as magical as my first.

My cappuccino was a delicious cup of coffee and my feet were tapping in anticipation for what lay ahead. My first trip down the Amalfi Coast would see me join Walks of Italy along with Michael, of Go, See, Write. We will be visiting Positano as well as the ruins of Pompeii.


Our day began with a drive from Rome to Positano, a seaside resort. We traveled along the beautiful Amalfi Coast, which is famous for its stunning blue coast.

We stopped at a few points along the route to admire the scenery. I saw breathtaking views.

Amalfi Coast and Pompeii Private Tour
Amalfi Coast and Pompeii Private Tour

As our bus squeezed through narrow streets and corners, we made some funny 10-point turns on our way to Positano. The rest of our journey would be on foot due to Positano’s location at the seaside.

Positano is known for its artisan clothing and leather sandals. It was like browsing through a Free People catalog for a girl obsessed with Boho style.

At the beach. All of it 60% off

I spoke with a skilled sandal maker to discuss the possibility of having beautiful leather sandals made. Then, I went into several boutiques and tried on delicate fabrics with hand-embroidery.

But retail heaven did not end there. The walkway ended at the beach with jewelers selling exquisite jewelry made from stones and corals.

Our Walks of Italy guide took us to the final stop: the beach. Here, pastel buildings in pinks, yellows, and whites were able to spot the cliffs. It was breathtaking!

There was plenty of time for us to relax and have lunch at one the many beachside restaurants. Ristorante Chez Black was a local establishment that opened in the 1940s. It features nautical decor and delicious seafood. This restaurant made me feel like a mermaid in my past lives.

One last stop in Positano was required before we could continue on our journey to Pompeii. We made our way to the town’s limoncello stand, closing our eyes to avoid further shopping.


We continued our journey to the ruins at Pompeii. Since I was a small girl, I had dreamed of going to Pompeii.

I can recall learning about this ancient city in grade school. It fascinated me with the history and secrets of events that took place there almost 2,000 years ago.

It was like my feet touched the streets of Pompeii for the first time. The site was covered in ash after the eruption of Mount. Vesuvius, which is still considered to be one of the most deadly volcanoes in the world.

To keep my history lessons brief, I will share some facts about Pompeii.

  • When the volcano erupted, Pompeii and Herculaneum was taken completely by surprise. The signs came in the form of several earthquakes. A massive earthquake struck the region in 63 AD. Damage from the earthquake was still being repaired by Mt. 16 years later, Vesuvius erupted. (source)
  • It was lost for approximately 1,500 years before its first rediscovery in 1599, and a wider rediscovery nearly 150 years later by the Spanish engineer Rocque Joaquin alcubierre in 1748. (source)
  • Because of their lack of moisture and air, the objects beneath the city were preserved for centuries. These artifacts offer a fascinating insight into ancient Rome’s life. (source)
  • Surprised to discover that Pompeii was home to multiple brothels, and that the city was adorned with erotic art and objects, I was even more surprised. It seems that ancient Rome was more liberal than modern-day Rome!

The Walks of Italy tour took us through ancient Pompeii, where we saw ruins of homes, baths and shops. It was amazing to see how preserved everything is.

Our day ended just before sunset. The bus brought the rest of our tour group back to Rome. I stayed behind to catch a train to Naples.

My Walks of Italy tour was amazing and I recommend anyone visiting Italy to take a tour to see Pompeii or the Amalfi Coast.

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