Visit the Cuevas Del Drach in Mallorca


I picture the sparkling waters of Mallorca and white sandy beaches when I think about it. As I explored timeless mountain villages such as Deia or Valldemossa, I would imagine walking along cobblestone pathways lined with bougainvillea blossoms.

I would dream of days spent in the sun, and evenings drinking that Spanish wine.

Cuevas del Drach, or Drach Caves, is the first thing I think of when you ask me about Mallorca. Although this underground treasure was not on my radar prior to my arrival, it is now one of my favourite places in Spain.

Although it may seem a little touristy, I found that spelunking in these amazing caves was one highlight of my trip to Mallorca. One of the most beautiful underwater lakes in the world is found within this natural cave system.

It was not only a beautiful and interesting space to explore, but it was also magical in the way that the whole experience was planned.

About the Caves

The underground tour is located in Manacor near Porto Cristo and is one of Mallorca’s most popular attractions. The four spaces are known as the Black Cave and White Cave, Cave of Luis Salvador and Cave of the French. They all connect.

The total length of the network of caves is four kilometers, or approximately two and a quarter miles. It measures 23 (75.5 foot) meters deep. The waters of the Mediterranean Sea created the network of caves. It is mentioned in writings dating back to 1338.

Geologists believe caves may date back to the Miocene Epoch, which occurred between five and 23 million years ago.

Martel Lake is one of the most famous caves. It is named after Edouard-Alfred Martel (a French scientist and explorer who visited the caves in 1896). ).

M.F., a German cave explorer, had already mapped the network a few years before. Will, who also discovered the White Cave and the Black Cave in his expeditions.

About the Experience

I spent 45 minutes exploring the caves, and was impressed at each turn.

It is amazing to see the number of stalagmites and stalactites that surround the pathway. It took me more than an hour to just look at the formations.

The cave’s lighting creates a magical atmosphere. The crystal clear lake is what elevates it to another level. I was not expecting to be impressed by caves as I have never been one.

The experience ends at an underground amphitheater. At this point, phones and cameras are prohibited. They dim the lights so that you are surrounded in pitch black.

You can then relax and take in the sights and sounds of the orchestra as they row out on a boat to play classical music.

The concert lasts approximately 15 minutes, and each second is unforgettable.

It’s like watching a Disney movie. I began to cry because it was so beautiful.

Although I wouldn’t have thought of going to an underground concert as something to add to my bucket list, it was a unique experience. This was the best money I spent.

Information about Ticket

I recommend purchasing your tickets online before you go. Online tickets are 15 euros cheaper than buying them at the door.

Tickets for children aged 3-12 years can be purchased online for 8 Euros or at the door for 9. You can get tickets online for 8 euros or at the door for 9 euros if you have children under 2 years old.

You will spend an hour and fifteen minutes exploring the area.


Although I admit to thinking the whole thing was cheesy, I am not exaggerating when i say that I was in tears at the end. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced a 15-euro experience as completely and fully.

This scene was beautiful and felt like something from a fairytale.

It is worth noting that I visited during COVID, so the operation was slowed down but maintained a high standard of excellence. They usually offer rowboat tours, and you enter with a guide. However, that was not the case during my visit. I loved every moment of the excursion.

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