Travel resolutions for 2022


New year, new adventures. Make 2022 the year you go to wherever you want and do whatever you wish.

It was the best decision I have ever made for myself to travel. Every new place I visit expands and enriches my mind.

Are you willing to get more stamps for your passport in 2022? These are some essential travel resolutions for 2022.

You can save more money on travel

Spend your money on things that truly matter, instead of buying $5 lattes. You have many options to travel cheaply, and you can even make money while on the move.

You can search the globe for cheap destinations using budgeting apps and find out what you can afford to travel.

There is a way for you to make it work, regardless of your income. It will be amazing how little you can reduce your daily expenses.

You can check out one destination on your bucket list

This year, do something big. Make a list of your travel goals if you don’t have one.

Consider places and experiences that make you feel like your heart skips a beat. Next, take a deep breathe and create a plan for getting there.

Travel solo. Hike the Himalayas. Jump from the water tower. Although it may seem daunting to try something new you will not regret it. Trust me.

Volunteer trip

Volunteering is a great way to travel, give back and experience culture. All over the globe, there are people in need of your help.

You can often get food and board for helping to take care of the farm or teaching English.

I was able to volunteer at a literacy program in Bolivia, the Paralympic Games, London, and an all-girls orphanage, both in Peru. These were some of my most memorable travel experiences. These insights were not possible to get from a tour bus. I gained a deeper understanding of the lives of the locals by working with them every day.

Don’t procrastinate about planning trips

It’s great to talk about places you would love to visit one day. Why not make 2022 your year?

Avoid the expensive nights out at the same places you’ve been many times before and instead put your money where it is most important. Find a location on the map and check out the ticket prices. Then start saving for your trip.

Learn a new language

Speaking the language is a great way to communicate with people from other cultures. You can also use language apps and flip through language books to pass the time while on long flights. When you land, you’ll be more knowledgeable!

Forget boring, high school Spanish. For a conversation about language exchange, connect with a local friend.

You can watch movies in your target language. English content is your favourite, so why not enjoy your favorite shows in your chosen language?

Live for the Experience

Scientifically, it has been proven that experience makes us happier than possessions. Even though I love the idea of getting new shoes, the excitement of new kicks fades quickly.

It’s not about sacrificing all the little pleasures of life. It’s about prioritizing those things that are most important to you. My preference is to spend my money on experiences, rather than things.

Meet new people

You can learn more about other cultures by meeting new people. You must meet new people if you want to truly experience a country.

Hostels are a great place to meet new friends. When you travel abroad, you can join a language group to chat with locals.

Connecting with other travelers and locals is a great way to feel better when you are feeling homesick.

Take chances

You can say “yes” to adventure. It is easy to get stuck in a rut. But, just by opening your mind, you can make a huge difference.

One of my 2022 resolutions is to be more spontaneous. As I push myself further this year, please join me.

Even if you don’t know anyone, go to the party. Try to strike up a conversation on the train with the person in front of you.

Even if your hands are wet, climb just a little higher!

Organise Your Time

Organization is key when you are traveling to a new area for a short time. You can maximize each minute by planning your excursions.

I’ve been on 48-hour trips that were well-planned and I experienced more than what I had seen or experienced in two-week trips. To see the most, plan ahead and find attractions close together to maximize your time.

Cooking a new international dish?

Since I was a teenager, I have been traveling the world eating and sharing my favorite foods with people all over the globe. I enjoy sharing those positive vibes with my family and cooking some of my favorite international dishes for my loved ones.

You can take cooking classes abroad, or simply browse recipes online. Then turn on the stove and start cooking.

Go on a Solo Trip

The one thing that every woman should do is to travel alone. Travel solo! Nothing is more exciting and motivating than stepping into a new destination alone.

Start small if you are feeling anxious. Take it slow if you have never done anything alone.

Start by going to a movie alone, then you can work your way up to an adventure around all of the world.

Facing Fear

Every year, I make a resolution to face my fear. I have tried skydiving and bungee jumping as well as swimming with sharks, night diving, and swimming with them.

Every time I face a fear, it’s a blessing that I did. It’s terrifying at times, but it’s so liberating to do it.

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