The Jetsetter Bracelet Set by The Blonde Abroad and Pura Vida


When I travel, jewelry is one of my favourite things to collect. I love how I can incorporate it into my everyday outfits and how each piece captures the memories of a place.

When Pura Vida approached my about creating a bracelet pack, I was thrilled!

Griffin Thall, Paul Goodman, and Paul Goodman, the founders of Pura Vida are close friends from college. We all graduated from San Diego State University. Pura Vida Bracelets is a company that provides full-time employment to artisans around the world and gives millions of dollars to charities through products that give back.

It’s where magic happens when you empower others and do something you love.

These bracelets are a reliable source of income for people all over the globe. I also hope they inspire you. Yes, you! You are!

Jetsetter Bracelet Pack

The Jetsetter Pack was created for you wanderlusts! These bracelets are my inspiration!

This pack contains 5 string bracelets that can be adjusted from 2” to 5’’ in diameter. They come in shades grey, teal and blush, and also have some cute charms inspired by travel.

Because it was SO CUTE, I knew I wanted to include charm bracelets in my pack. !

Rose gold is my favorite color, and these charms look great with other colors. The bracelets can also be mixed and matched so that they can be worn together or individually.

Jetsetter Bracelet Pack

Each bracelet in the set is waterproof because they have been wax-coated. You can take them with you to the beach, pool or even the shower. Your bracelets will look natural and more comfortable if you wear them every day.

You can also easily size them up and down so they will fit any wrist, even a child’s.

This means that you can buy a matching set for your best gal friends (or the little adventurers in your life).

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