Ten Essential Tips For Solo Female Travelers


Solo travel can be intimidating for some women. However, thousands of women who travel alone are independent and more confident.

Sometimes it’s not possible to travel with your family or friends. However, this shouldn’t stop anyone from exploring the places they’ve always wanted to see.

Fake it ’til you make it

No one is born a confident solo traveler. As you get more confident in your ability to navigate your own path and make your own decisions, this is something that will happen over time.

Solo women who appear confused or lost can attract unwanted attention. Until you feel confident, walk confidently and as if you know where you are going. You can seek professional help if you feel uneasy.

Travel during the day when possible

It’s a known fact that more accidents happen at night than in the day. If you plan on taking long trips, it is best to travel during the daylight.

You can use trusted transportation to make long trips. If possible, you should look for a locked cabin or couchette. It is always a good idea to plan ahead for arriving at your destination in the morning.

Mix It!

It is easy to attract attention from the wrong people by wearing inappropriate clothing. It is a good idea to avoid wearing clothes that shout “TOURIST!”

You can avoid being identified as a vulnerable target if the country you’re visiting has conservatively dressed women.

Keep in touch via social media

It’s a great way to provide a safety net by letting people know when and where you’ll be traveling. Even though your family may not be able to do everything you want, it’s a good idea to leave a trail of your travels on Facebook and a blog. This will let everyone know that you are safe and having fun.

Facebook allows you to make friends with fellow travelers and keep in touch. It’s a great way to keep in touch with people you have met on your travels.

Cast Away is the Best!

Solo travelers will face the greatest hurdle: loneliness. You won’t be scribbling on a volleyball or clinging to your friends back home. Sometimes it’s okay to feel a little homesick. But remember, travel is a journey.

Traveling alone is actually one of the best ways to make new friends abroad. If you don’t have someone to travel with, it’s easier to start a conversation. You will be more open to new people and more approachable.

Be careful with your possessions

These days, most people travel with a camera, smartphone and tablet. All of these items will be attractive to thieves.

These possessions should not be flashed around. Keep them in your bag only when you need them. These possessions should be kept with important documents like your passport, visa and wallet.

You are never alone

This is both literally and metaphorically. You will meet so many people when traveling alone that you may feel lonely at times. It’s weird. It’s sometimes harder for me to find alone time while traveling solo than when I travel with friends.

The “figuratively” part is the most important. Never let your first words be that you are alone. It is always better to be cautious and not to make yourself vulnerable.

It’s not to suggest that you should be paranoid, but if you feel uncomfortable, you can say, “My boyfriend went to the toilet and I have to run to meet him.” It’s great to meet you! Bye! They will be there in no time. It was nice to meet you. BYE!”

Drink to Enjoy, not To Get Drunk

Solo travelers can be both friends and enemies when it comes to alcohol. While it’s great to have a drink with someone you met while on your travels, too many can make you vulnerable.

If I’m traveling alone I never get drunk.

Even in a social setting. Solo female travelers, it’s one of your most dangerous situations. Be careful and drink in moderation.

You should notify someone if you feel someone is being suspicious of you or making you uncomfortable. If you are in a bar, or nightclub, the bartender is a good person to ask for help. They are used to working with different personalities and may be able get security or escort people to safety.

Learn the basics of the local language

Travelers who are unable to communicate effectively can be put at disadvantage in many situations. It is important to know the basics of the language to help you ask for help, how to ask for directions and what to do if you have questions.

It can be useful in everyday life and help you avoid being scammed. Visitors who learn their native language are more respected by locals.

Find out more about your destination

It is important to understand your destination before you plan what to do in the event of an emergency. It’s worth checking to find out if the men living in the area are especially forward-thinking or have a tendency towards approaching female tourists. It is important to research the tourist scams that are common in a specific destination.

For some, travel will be just as important in their lives as education, family and marriage. Solo travel does not have to mean putting off things such as starting a career, having a family, and getting married. Many older women, including mothers and married women, travel alone.

It doesn’t come with a deadline and has no expiration date. Give yourself the gift to independence, the chance to travel to new places and the time to discover more about yourself and your priorities.

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