Some ideas for all-inclusive wine country vacations


California’s wine country is open to all wine lovers at any time of the year. Even if wine is not your thing, California’s Sonoma County and Napa Valley will charm you. You should definitely consider a French or Italian wine country vacation if you want to truly experience unique wines. Here are some suggestions for all-inclusive Wine-Country vacations for wine lovers.

French Wine Country Vacations

Even the most experienced wine connoisseur will be impressed by France’s wine regions. France is home to four major wine regions. Each region produces some of the best wines in the world.

  • Champagne – Champagne, a region in northern France that produces sparkling wines. This region offers tours that allow visitors to explore underground tunnels or caves.
  • Loire Valley – Also located in France’s northern region, Loire Valley is home to vineyards near the Loire River. Loire Valley is known for its crisp white wines, as well as a few sparkling wines. Regular hours are maintained by wineries and vineyards for tours.
  • Burgundy is located in Eastern France, Burgundy. Wines are produced in small quantities by small vineyards using Pinot Noir grapes or Chardonnay grapes. There are many wineries that offer tastings and museums in the area.
  • Bordeaux – Bordeaux is France’s most important region. It produces full-bodied red wines as well as sparkling wines, sweet whites and dry whites. It is easy to find winery tours or events in Bordeaux.

Italy Wine Country Vacation Ideas

Italy also has many wine regions. There are also rustic fishing villages and a few castles. There are about 20 wine regions in Italy, with the main ones being Piedmont, Tuscany and Veneto. Wine lovers will be able to make the most of Italy’s wine country.

  • Veneto – This region is located in northeastern Italy and produces red blends as well as a few white wines using Garganega grapes.
  • Tuscany – Tuscany is located on the northern coast of Italy. This region has Sangiovese grapes that are used in Chianti.
  • Piedmont – Piedmont is an inland region in the extreme northwest of Italy. Piedmont is home to Nebbiolo grapes, which are rich in acidity and tannins.

All-inclusive Wine Country Vacations

Enjoy a relaxing vacation in the state of California and all-inclusive wine country getaways. There are many wineries in Napa Valley and Sonoma County that welcome guests for tastings and tours. You’ll also find luxury resorts and more affordable hotels in the region. Many inns have designed all-inclusive packages that are available for tourists. These packages include accommodation, tours and tastings at nearby wineries. Many packages include meals and wine bottles, as well as transportation from and to the wineries.

  • Napa Valley – Wineries to add on to your bucket list are Castello di Amorosa, Calistoga, and Rutherford Hill Winery.
  • Sonoma County – In Sonoma County try the Chateau Saint Jean or the Ferrari-Carano Wines.

You can choose your passion and plan a wine country vacation that is unforgettable. You can find great deals and discounts on offers personalized travel planning for all travellers and redefines the travel booking experience.

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