Portugal: 10 local foods to try


Do you have any favorite Portuguese dishes?

I must admit, before I visited Portugal, I wasn’t sure if I had ever tried Portuguese food. I also didn’t know what type of dishes you would find there. You might be in a similar boat. Portugal is a Mediterranean cuisine that is well-known for its seafood and wide range of spices.

I challenge you to make a Portuguese meal, no matter if you are a complete novice or seasoned in Portuguese cuisine. I can’t forget about the amazing markets and fresh produce.

Cozido a Portuguesa

Cozido Portuguesa is a popular Portuguese dish, but it’s not easy to trace its roots.

It is a combination of meats, sausages, and vegetables. Each region in Portugal has its own version, so you may just have to try it wherever you are!

In the northeastern region of Portugal, cozido is made up of breaded sausage (farinheira), bacon sausage (morcela), or sausage mixed with bread and game (alheira). The Algarve often serves the dish with mint and potato.


Feijoada, Portugal’s comfort food, is what we call Feijoada. It’s a stew made from beans, pork, and other vegetables. It is seasoned with cumin, cloves and garlic as well as paprika.

You might also find feijoada, which is a substitute for pork when you travel along the coast.

Alheira de Mirandela

Alheira de Mirandela has a long history.

The Jewish population fled to Portugal in the late 1400s. They sought refuge in Tras-os Monttes, a mountain range in northeastern Portugal. To keep safe, they pretended that they had converted to Catholicism. One way to show this was to eat sausages to make everyone believe that they are no longer kosher.

The dish has been a hit in all cafes and restaurants across the country. It is also extremely affordable!

Sardinhas Assadas

Sardinhas assadas, a Portuguese comfort food, is a typical example. Grilled sardines are best when the fish is still intact. You can avoid the spine by eating the side.

Flaky, white meat is combined to give it a rich flavor.

Bifanas + Francesinha

It was difficult to choose between these mouthwatering sandwiches. So you’ll have to try them all!

A bifana, the Portuguese national sandwich, is a delicious pork sandwich. The sandwich, much like cozido will differ depending on where you are located.

Francesinha Sandwich is a Porto-based Portuguese dish that you must try if you visit Porto. It is basically the Portuguese version the croque-monsieur.

It’s most commonly found in Porto but you can find it in many cafes throughout Portugal. It’s not just filled with cheese and ham; it also has linguica sausage and steak. Then it gets covered in beer-tomato sauce, and then served with fries.

Arroz de Marisco

Arroz de marisco, also known as seafood rice, is made up of shrimps, mussels and lobsters. It also includes crabs, scallops and rice. Although it is very similar to Spanish paella and can sometimes have a stew-like taste, it is often quite different.


This is a traditional Alentejo countryside meal. The dish can be enhanced with wild game meats inland. On the coast, it might include shrimp or fish.

Caldo Verde

Caldo verde, a Portuguese soup, is made of potatoes, greens, onions, garlic, olive oil and onion. Italo-American wedding soup may be made with ham or other meats. This is the perfect comfort food to eat on a cold day.

Polvo a Lagareiro

The Portuguese love their seafood, if you haven’t noticed.

This is true again for polvo A Lagareiro, which is a dish made from whole octopuses that are boiled and then roasted in olive oil and garlic. This dish can be found in any country but it’s best enjoyed in Nazare or a nearby seaside village.

Pastel de Nata

Last but not the least, a Portuguese dessert

Pastel de nata, a sweet, creamy egg tart, is addictive. It is made up of flour and butter, eggs, butter, cinnamon, sugar, and eggs. It has a crisp outer shell that melts in the mouth as soon as you take a bite. You will feel like you’re in heaven when you combine the dough with a cup Portuguese coffee.


Can’t get enough seafood? Portugal has plenty to offer!

Bacalhau is the best Portuguese food! They prepare salted cod in many different ways. Here are some of the most popular methods:

  • Bacalhau com Natas is one of our most loved recipes. This recipe is made up of thinly sliced potatoes, cream, onions, and fish that are then baked in the oven.
  • Bacalhau de Sa: This one comes from Porto It is salted cod, onions and potatoes, which are very similar to the previous, but it’s then garnished by hard-boiled eggs, black olives, and hard-boiled eggs.
  • Bacalhau A Bras: The salted cod is prepared with shredded potatoes and onions and then mixed with scrambled egg. Yum!
  • Bacalhau Com Broa: Salted cod with breadcrumbs, then baked


Although many aren’t familiar Portugal’s cuisine, they’re a country filled with delicious seafood and comfort food that will make you want more.

These 10 dishes will give you a taste of Portugal’s culinary scene, whether you are visiting or just looking to try them in your own home.

Let me know what you think about Portuguese dishes in the comments!

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