Important safety tips for women traveling in Vietnam


Vietnam is a country that is experiencing a boom in tourism. The established backpacker trail of Southeast Asia attracts more wealthy visitors as well as solo travelers.

Vietnam is one of the most appealing destinations in Southeast Asia. It is relatively affordable to travel, but it is also one the safest.

There are some things you should consider when traveling with a woman in Vietnam.

Women and clothing

One aspect to consider when it comes to Vietnam’s attitude towards women who travel alone is its conservatism.

Women have told me that Vietnamese men are curious about their solo travels and the reasons they’re not married. Some women wear a fake wedding ring to deflect such questions.

The way men behave towards women in Vietnam can also be affected by their clothing choices. It is best to dress in the same way as the women of Vietnam and cover up when you go into the city or town center.

Handy tips for Vietnam safety travel
Handy tips for Vietnam safety travel

Some women who go out in skimpy tops or skirts report being propositioned. However, there are few serious crimes committed in this country.

Avoiding Theft and Petty Crime

Petty crime, such as pickpocketing or theft of cameras, laptops and rucksacks, is a common problem in Vietnam. It is important to use common sense and avoid becoming a target.

You should keep valuables in a bag that you can easily reach. Avoid carrying sunglasses or a camera around your neck in areas with high population.

The theft of motorbikes is one method. Make sure to keep your bags close by as they can be easily taken from a moving bicycle.

Political Sensitivities and Photographic Expressions

Vietnam has seen a lot of progress in recent years. However, security remains a concern around many military and transport hubs.

Avoid taking photos in places where military personnel or police are present. Also, be aware that they might ask you to delete images or give your memory card over to them in certain cases. Respect others and use your best judgement when taking photos.

Beware of Scams

Unscrupulous taxi drivers, retailers, and other service providers may try to entice tourists to the country in many different ways. One common tactic is to use unofficially inflated exchange rates.

If you plan to visit the main sights, make sure you research the company you will be using. Some people have complained about tours that were very different from the advertised itinerary. Although it is common to beg in tourist areas, most people will not accept your offer.

Cultural and Behavior Considerations

Most Vietnamese live modest lives. Be considerate of others and try not to show excess wealth.

As with any other area, wealth can attract criminals and may cause resentment among local residents. Drugs are something to be avoided. While they may be legal, the penalties can be harsh.

Take care of money and documentation

Travelers can lose their passports and cash, so make sure you have a photocopy of all documents and use the safe at the hotel.

A smart tip is to use a money belt you can wear inside your clothing. However, a pocket inside that cannot be reached without opening your jacket can also work well.

It is important to not keep everything in one spot. We all want to avoid losing our money, wallet, and documentation while on the road.

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