Here’s what I learned from my camping trip in Sweden


After being unable for over a year to travel anywhere, European borders opened up this summer. A friend and I had planned to go on a camping trip to Sweden with a friend we met in India two year ago. Unfortunately, the trip was cancelled. Our adventure was postponed by 12 months and we boarded the sleeper bus bound to Sweden just over a year ago.

How we booked our camping holiday to Sweden

So, we opened the K-Jak website to book our tickets for the bus ride to Blom-Fox. Although the pandemic delayed our trip, it meant that we could look forward to our big adventure for longer than a year. We were prepared for whatever Sweden would throw at us. This brings me to…

We went camping in Sweden

We wouldn’t want to!

We knew that this trip would be in Dalsland, also known as the Swedish Lake District. Dalsland was not randomly named. This region has more lakes than any other province in Sweden. It’s the ideal place to camp for two adventurous Belgians.

Camping Essentials Needed for Camping
Camping Essentials Needed for Camping

Sweden is generally a very expensive country to visit due to the high cost of local transport, accommodation, and other activities. The strong Swedish economy didn’t hurt our wallets as we spent most of our time outdoors.

After some time, the question wasn’t ‘Should you go camping in Sweden?’ but ‘When are we able to leave?’

Lessons learned in the Swedish Lake District

Lesson 1: You must be ready for anything

Anyone who has ever gone camping knows that you should be prepared for any eventuality. Campers have survived extreme weather conditions, malfunctioning or broken material, bad food, and everything in between.

Because we knew that we had a tent that would keep our bodies warm and dry, we were comfortable setting up camp in the forest after a storm. We brought a lot more food than we thought we would, in case we needed it.

Lesson 2 – Set aside your principles

Strong principles are not appropriate for a campsite by a Swedish lake.

It’s okay to accept that your food will not taste as good when it’s prepared at home using fresh herbs and vegetables. Sometimes you just have to accept the fact that your food won’t taste as good at home.

Although you might be comfortable sleeping next to a friend or your partner, you will need to be able to share a tent with insects when camping.

The bright side is that you will be able to solve problems much faster if there are no rules. It’s a good thing that you are more creative in finding solutions to everyday problems.

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