Comfortable Airplane Travel: Products to Take on Your Next Flying


Budget-minded travelers will likely be booked on flights with less legroom or a larger cabin. Ugh!

Although it may sound spoilsporty, let’s face it: even if your flight is not with a budget carrier the seat pitch, airplane turbulence and close quarters in economy class don’t make for the most comfortable flight. Economy class seats are often very close together, which leaves little or no space for passengers.

You’ve seen them all in airports, with their hair looking like it’s just been pampered. They have hair that is completely clean and untouched from the flight. This is me. If you are one of these travelers, congratulations! Please head to the comments to let us know how you did it. Sometimes we all need some travel accessories to help us out.

It’s worth the extra cost for added comfort. The right pillow, noise-reducing headphones and neck pillows can make all the difference.

I have previously written about what to do on an airplane during long flights. Here are some products that might help.

Italian Leather Earbud Organizer with Tangle-Free Organizer

Some people love to fly, while others hate it.

It doesn’t matter how you feel about flying, it’s something that we all experience together. Flying is something that we all have to endure, despite the packed seats, shrinking seat sizes, delays and long layovers. With a few simple products, we can reduce the discomfort and enjoy a longer flight.

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