9 Places to Visit in 2022 USA


2022 is here and with it, a new list of top destinations and cities you should visit in 2022. These destinations are either celebrating an important anniversary, opening new restaurants or hotels, or simply a great place to visit. Get out your planner and get planning! These are the top 9 destinations to visit in 2022

Calgary, Canada

Calgary offers everything you need for a memorable vacation, no matter the season. The city is a lover of festivals. And who doesn’t like a good festival? Calgary hosts many spectacular events throughout the year that are well worth the effort. The Beakerhead festival is open to science and art lovers. Beer lovers can also enjoy the Calgary International Beerfest or Mashing Calgary to have a great time with all things beer. Take a look at Calgary Tower from 191 metres above the ground while you’re exploring. For a truly unforgettable experience, try luging at the Luge on Wheels. It is the longest track in the world at 1800 meters and will bring you an unforgettable experience.

The Florida Keys

It’s been one year since Irma decimated the Florida Keys, and it has improved dramatically in that time. Many new hotels are opening in the area, many of which are reopening for the first time. This makes this destination a popular travel destination for 2022. Stay at the newly renovated Baker’s Cay Resort, or at the Isle Bella Beach Resort which will open for the first time in March. Take a tour of the Keys to see the Hemingway House and shop on Mallory Square or Duval Street while you’re there.

Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta is rapidly becoming the US’s culinary capital. This is why we ranked Atlanta as our top travel destination for 2022. Nick Leahy, a chef from Aix, has opened major restaurants in the area such as Tin Tin and Tin Tin. The Tin Tin and Aix menus feature southern French cuisine. Pancake Social will open in Atlanta winter 2022. Pancake Social is a restaurant that serves all-day breakfasts and pancakes. It’s owned by Anne Quatrano. For an unforgettable experience, plan your Super Bowl weekend trip. You can also visit other Atlanta attractions like the Coca-Cola World or continue the culinary theme with a Southern Food Walk.

New York City, New York

New York City is a place that many people return to year after year because there are so many things to do and see. The city is experiencing a significant change this year. This includes a $25 billion-dollar change. In 2022, the new Hudson Yards neighborhood will open, offering many new restaurants, shops, attractions, and entertainment options. The addition of the highest lookout point in the Western Hemisphere, at 30 Hudson yards, is what we consider the most interesting attraction. Thomas Heatherwick’s “The Vessel” sculpture, which can be climbed, will also be part of the development. The Statue of Liberty Museum, which spans 26,000 square feet, will be open to guests for the first-ever time this year. If that’s not enough to convince you to visit the Big Apple, then consider traveling to experience history. NYC will host WorldPride this June to commemorate the 50th anniversary the Stonewall riots.

Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico City was crowned The World Design Capitol last year, making it the first American city to be awarded this title. A whole district of Mexico City is designated UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is home to five Aztec temples and is a must-see in 2022. You can also visit the Museo Frida Kahlo (also known as the Blue House), which is Frida Kahlo’s forever home. For a lasting memory, visit the Desfile de Dia de Muertos Parade during Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead).

Grand Canyon

This year marks the 100th anniversary for the Grand Canyon National Park. Numerous concerts, events and exhibits will kick off the centennial. New tours will be offered to the public to allow visitors to see areas of the canyon not previously seen. Every traveler must see the Grand Canyon. Take the less-traveled route and visit the North Rim of Grand Canyon (during summer and fall months), which is only visited by a small percentage of visitors each year.

Seattle, Washington

Houston, Texas

Houston will be marking the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11’s mission this year with a flashback back to 1969. The Johnson Space Center will return to its original Mission Control glory, with every button and screen exactly as they were when we first went to the moon. The Museum of Arts will receive a $450million-dollar upgrade with two new buildings and a conservation center. It also has a landscape overhaul. The Lancaster Hotel has been renovated in Houston. The hotel’s 1920’s design has been updated and the new display of art includes over 100 Texas artists.

Lake Tahoe, California

Lake Tahoe is a beautiful place all year. This is why it was included in our top 10 travel destinations for 2022. Lake Tahoe is a beautiful lake destination, ideal for boating, kayaking and swimming during the summer months. It is also family-friendly. This destination transforms into a skier’s dream during the winter months, offering breathtaking views and unrivalled scenery. You’re also likely to enjoy the nightlife if you’re a party-goer. Lake Tahoe lies in the middle of Nevada and California. It has its own nightlife scene and 24-hour casinos. You only need to decide which side of the country you’d like to visit in 2022, North or South.

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