The Week Junior about VIRRY

The Week Junior magazine is a publication that covers a wide range of topics for pre – and early teens. We are really excited about the publication’s endorsement of our app as it is very selective in its choices and are known to feature important news from around the world. Highlighting VIRRY is also a … Continue reading The Week Junior about VIRRY

The Evening Standard about VIRRY

Journalist Rosamund Urwin caught our CEO Svetlana Dragayeva while she was at LEWA conservancy and was really inspired by her brainchild that brings together education technology, children and wildlife. In this article which appeared in UK’s popular Evening Standard, Svetlana speaks about how building a relationship with animals that children don’t normally encounter will lead … Continue reading The Evening Standard about VIRRY

Virry got 5 stars at Educational App Store and recommended for schools

The premise upon which the Virry app is based is simple but unique – allow children to learn about animals and the natural environment by interacting and observing real, live animals. By choosing to provide videos of the animals and live streams, rather than animated versions, the developers of the app have elevated their idea … Continue reading Virry got 5 stars at Educational App Store and recommended for schools

Monica Burns of on Virry

We are always glad to be mentioned by teachers and educators. Monica Burns, an independent education consultant behind, wrote a small review about us. “Virry is an awesome app that students of all ages will love to explore.  It gives users access to live cams for different animals as well as tons of interactive content…” Continue … Continue reading Monica Burns of on Virry

Meerkats Digging (Video)

Meerkats love digging, they really do! For them, digging is almost as natural as breathing. They dig holes. And they love that. They dig for delicious worms and bugs. And they’re big on that. After nothing is left to dig they just dig a bit of a trench. And guess what, they love that too! … Continue reading Meerkats Digging (Video)

Meerkat Morning (Video)

Sunrise at Al-Ain Zoo… The meerkats are already up, but breakfast isn’t the first thing on their minds. After a cool night all 6 mob members crowd into the sunniest corner and bathe in the warming rays of the sun. What a serene and sociable way to start the day!  

Lion Chase (Video)

Dozing lions seem so lazy but things can change in an instant. Lions can run at almost 80 km/h over short distances! Imagine that! That’s the sort of speed a car might go on big roads. Watch the sleepy lion suddenly turn into a 170 kilo bundle of power!

Look at those lazy cats! (Video)

Lions in the wild are only active for about 4 hours a day. In a zoo it can be even less! But don’t be fooled; lions can switch from soft kitty to powerful predator in a moment… Stay tuned for the next post!