Discover a world of animal adventures with Virry through wild animal live cameras, interactive videos, and countless hours of captivating entertainment and learning

Created in collaboration with leading child development researchers, Virry is specifically designed for animal loving 5-8 year olds with a hunger to explore and discover the animal kingdom. Trusted by parents and educators around the world, Virry promotes crucial life skills in a playful way

Virry offers endless hours of animal entertainment and learning in three forms:

Unprecedented and immersive live-streaming technology gives young children real-time access to their favourite wild animals and their actual behaviours in one of the world’s most advanced and animal-friendly zoos. With fresh exciting action every day, never run out of things to watch again!

Interactive videos help children practice life skills such as impulse control, creativity, reasoning, and problem solving by virtually engaging with their favourite animals in fun mini-games. Children learn to respond to the needs of different animals by breaking down simple problems into parts, developing strategies to solve them, and getting rewarded through positive feedback.

Extensive video playlists follow emotional threads to connect different animals and their behaviours and promote empathy and understanding in an entertaining way. Curated high-quality videos show the connections and behaviours common across species and can help children gain a broader understanding of animal life.

Virry is the best app for children to watch real wild animals, both to observe their natural behaviours and to see the most exciting moments in curated videos. Perfect for young explorers and animal lovers!

In early childhood, the development of empathy and perspective-taking is key to good social relationships with other children and adults, as well as school-related learning. Engaging with animals can be an effective tool for developing these skills, since an animal’s needs and emotions are clearly different from a child’s.

Virry enables parents and children to learn together through new formats of educational entertainment and continually evolving content. Parents and caregivers can feel good about their entertainment choices with Virry, knowing that children will be entertained for hours while gaining appreciation for wild animals and their protection, as well as practising emotional skills.

Let Virry entertain and guide you through your adventure and exploration of the animal kingdom!